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Law Enforcement

tolerance_img Trade It! Stores has significantly changed the mindset from seeing second-hand stores as seedy, dingy shops to well established retail outlets. While we have always done business honestly and ethically, we want to change the mindset of people who believe that all second-hand stores are fences for stolen goods. We are doing this by making our Zero Tolerance policy public knowledge.

We have worked consistently with the Police to ensure that our stores do not stock items that we suspect may be stolen. We upload all of our buys – including serial numbers of items bought and names of the sellers – to local law enforcement on a daily basis. We will give this information to any law enforcement agency that requests it.

Law Enforcement supports our Zero Tolerance Policy.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy has been signed by every single staff member in the group and copies of these policies are hung in our stores for all to see.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy

To protect our community and customers and to maintain our good name, the following policy will be followed at all times:

  • We will do everything within reason to make sure our stores never buy or sell stolen goods. If there is any doubt we will refuse to buy the item.
  • We will go to any lengths applicable to cooperate with law enforcement and will provide them with any and all information they request.
  • We will promptly report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • We will not buy from anyone under the age of 18 nor any person who cannot produce two valid forms of identification.
  • We will cooperate with any agencies involved with ethical business practices (including but not limited to copyright laws).
  • We will follow the following directives in the event that any stolen goods are found on our property:
    • We will contact law enforcement immediately.
    • We will conduct an internal investigation.
    • Any employee discovered not following procedure will be terminated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.