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My wife and I have been to Trade it a few times and got movies and small items. But one of our last purchases, we needed a new computer for our business. We walked around looking at the ones on the shelf and saw one that had everything we needed, but we couldn’t afford it right away. One of the associates walked up to us and started talking about the computer and he then told us that we could put it on layaway. Both my wife and I were taken back…we didn’t know that Trade it had layaway. It was super simple, so we went ahead and did it. We were so happy that we could do this. When we would come in to make payments the same associate remembered us each time, which made the experience even better. We have been telling others about our experience and can’t wait to get something else using layaway.
Michael and Janine W

I love Trade it because it’s easy to find things the way it is set up and they always have great deals on DVDs! We don’t buy electronics anywhere else!
Brittaney R

Trade it is the place to go if you’re looking for a bargain. They have great items ranging from calculators all the way to power tools computers and more. They have a great variety in smartphones and ipods. I always get treated fairly if not better on my trade ins. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They really take pride in customer service.
Justin L

I recently just started shopping at Trade it. About a month ago I stopped in one of the locations in Fayetteville. The first thing I noticed when I walked in is that the employees were friendly and that the store was very clean and organized! That alone made me want to walk around and look at everything. The employees asked if I needed help and if I did to let them know. I have only bought a few things from Trade it but I will continue to shop there! The merchandise is in good condition and I have had no issues with the things I have bought. I recommend Trade it to anyone looking for quality used merchandise and a good price!!
Amanda D

I come to Trade it almost every weekend it is the best place to get movies,games, jewelry, house hold items and much much more. Trade it always offers more money or store credit when you bring in an item than anywhere else I have been. This along with a friendly helpful staff makes Trade it the best place to shop.
Condie S

I love Trade it! It always has just what I’m looking for at a great price. My kids and I were going to drive down to Florida so we wanted a portable DVD player for the trip. We went in the Raleigh store and found a great DVD for only 24.99. It had the carry bag , battery pack , home and car charger included. It was such a great deal I didn’t believed it worked. So our salesman gladly plugged it in for us and played a DVD. It was crystal clear picture and he even told us to go pick any DVD off the shelf to put in to show us all DVDs would work in our system. Thanks Trade it, you made our road trip so much better!
Erika H

Trade it is an amazing store with reasonable price and great products. I only buy electronics from Trade it.
Donavan B

I love Trade it! I only started going to Trade it about a month ago but now I try to go as often as I can! I love going through all the movies and video games. They have great prices, not to mention great policies (selling stuff and buy-back).